TV Antenna Repair Woodvale

aerial repair woodvale

Client had problems with missing free-to-air channels in Woodvale. There was a power pack for a booster that was installed under a bed.the problem was fixed by adding an all port power pass four way splitter at another location in the house where it was suited.Client was very happy.

TV Antenna Repair Carine

aerial replacement duncraig

Customer had her original aerial installed 23 yrs ago.She was wondering why when she turned her kitchen light on ABC would start flickering .Her reception was close to zero . I recomended a new antenna. She excepted, Now she has perfect reception all around on every channel.

TV Antenna Installation Scarbrough

aerial repair doubleview

Got a ring from a tennant to find out which antenna was working from his unit. After 10 minutes was able to find out he was connected to his I ended up installing another antenna on the same pole pointing to Rendezvous Hotels’transmitter

Antenna Booster Hocking by MyAntennas

replace aerial landsdale

Customer booked a job in previous day to find out why her television stopped working .

faulty amplifier booster darch

Observing the aerial on the roof we myantennas noticed that the amplifier was upside down and full of water.

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