If your TV is not already equipped with a digital TV receiver, then you will need to install a Set Top Box.

MyAntennas Perth provides and installs set top boxes and guarantees you the highest quality product and reception.

HDTV receiver allows you to receive more channels and clearer picture. It is a great way to transform your conventional TV into a Smart TV.

High definition digital set top boxes are a great way to watch your favourite shows and movies. With crystal clear picture quality, you’ll be able to see everything from the tiniest of details in dark scenes to the boldest hues of colour.


Digital TV Receiver / Set Top Box Perth

If you have purchased a lesser known brand of Flat Screen LCD/LED, you may find that there is a long delay when changing channels, or the television has stopped working but you can still view DVD’s through the AV or input/source button on your remote.

Don’t despair! There is no need to replace your TV, as MyAntennas Perth can connect a digital set top box to one of your TV inputs  to allow viewing of digital tv channels.


Installing and Connecting HDTV Digital Set Top Box

MyAntennas Perth technicians are experts at installing and connecting digital set top boxes and answer your questions regarding proper setup. We will help you tune set top box to your digital TV and receive new digital channels in no time.

A set top box needs to be correctly installed to avoid poor reception problems. To get more information on which set top box you need and installation services, call Derek on 0405 258 846.