If you’re looking for a professional company that provides high-quality work, look no further than MyAntennas Perth!

At MyAntennas, we offer TV wall mounting installation. Our technicians will ensure a secure wall mounting of your LED, LCD or Plasma flat screen TV to any wall.

After buying your new flat screen TV, and realising it won’t fit your old cabinet, you may want to wall mount your TV on a wall. MyAntennas can supply a range of brackets from fixed wall brackets to movable wall brackets to support 20 inch to 90 inch wall mount LED, LCD or plasma flat screens. MyAntennas can also remove visible cable through cavities or in plastic trunking.

Whether you want a fixed or a movable bracket, we can supply a full range of brackets and cables to suit your TV. We will connect and set up your existing or new audio and video equipment and adjust your TV setting for optimal sound and picture quality.


Motorized, Movable or Fixed Wall Mount TV Installations Perth

MyAntennas Perth can supply and install TV wall mounts that are motorized, movable or fixed.

Poorly secured TVs are more like to cause excessive vibration and lead to issues like permanent image blurring, damaged TV screen, and sometimes even static electricity which can damage your TV.

Poorly mounted TVs also have the potential of retracting from the wall or falling violently off a shelf. With professional TV wall mounting, you can avoid all these potential issues by ensuring that your TV is mounted securely.

Your home theatre setup would definitely look so much better with your TV mounted on the wall. And not only does mounting your TV looks great but you can save space.


Choosing a TV Wall Mount to Install

The type of TV wall mount you need depends on your preferences and the layout of your room.

If you want to be able to adjust your TV, then a motorised or movable bracket is best for you. Fixed brackets on the other hand, are more stable but you will not be able to adjust the position of your TV once mounted.

Movable or motorized TV wall mount brackets are a great option for those who like to keep their furniture moving around or have a home with plenty of open space.

To get more information concerning TV wall mounting bracket installation,  contact MyAntennas Perth  online or at 0405 258 846 and get a free personalized quote.