Depending on where you are living, you may find you are in a low signal area and your TV antenna needs a boost. Using a TV antenna signal amplifier with your TV antenna will help you to get a better reception.

If you are experiencing reception problems with your TV on days when the weather is overcast, windy or raining MyAntennas can diagnose this problem by using a signal meter.

A signal meter will tell us if your reception is too low or your antenna needs to be repositioned to another location on your roof. Installing a TV amplifier, TV Booster, or Aerial Booster may be the answer.

MyAntennas can also raise your existing antenna pole if you are living in an area which is obstructed by trees, hills or low lying areas such as Scarborough, Mindarie or in remote areas.

Contact us online, or call 0405 258 846, to get more information and our technician will find a solution for a perfect TV reception.