Archives May 2022

Granny Flat Antenna Kingsley

tv antenna repair woodvale

Replaced an old 25 yr old aerial on this granny flat where all the plastic supports for the elements were snaped cause they werent uv protected the tv antennas that my antenas install are all interlocked aluminium and are very ridged and do not have plastic supports so the peski parotts can jump all over them with out damage .5 year warranty.

Fix Television Reception Darch

replae tv antenna madeley

If an aerial gets hit by lightning in a storm it can travel down the coaxial cable through the tv splitter and damage all equipment connected to the aerial which happend to this client the reason for todays antenna replacement by myantennas

Upgrade Antenna Winthrop

replace aerial fremantle

Upgraded a antenna and a 3 way splitter, existing system had an old anouloge amplifier which was rusted out.the new digital collector did not need a new booster as the signal comming through was strong enough to put up with out side interference

TV Antenna Repair Greenwood

warrick aerial reception

Replaced an aerial today opposite greenwood college,this part of greenwood really needs a top technicaian to be able to navigate the interference from the powerlines rite over through to coles supermarket greenwood,an amplifier is needed and placement of a hills antenna is really important.

TV Antenna Repair Duncraig

Aerial repair north beach
Install new Antenna Duncaig

Renee gave us a phone call to say ” i think its time to up grade my aerial” she was correct going on this photo of the old ” frequency collector” aerial her son has been fixing it over a few years.

TV Antenna Herne Hill

millendon aerial install

New build tv antenna in herne hill today and installing 3 tv outlets took about 4 hours and all cables are clipped as requested by the owner of this new build .

New TV Antenna Beldon

aerial repair cragie

Installed a new aerial and a tv outlet in Beldon.a maximum of 4 aerial points is generally ok with out adding a booster or tv antenna amplifier.useing a 6 way splitter would almost definately require an amplifier.