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TV Antenna Reception Woodvale

aerial repair greenwood

when television stations go missing or start freezing, pixelating,at certain times of the day like around 7pm this is because your antenna is not strong enough or your amplifier is under or over performing .my antennas can fix this problem after a process of fault finding with a frequency metre

TV Antenna Repair Marrangaroo

aerial installation girrawheen

Customer rang to say after an electrician had added a tv point to the existing antenna, they were unable to tune in all perths free to air channels so they purchased another television still didn’t fix the problem.  Testing with  a frequency meter had found that it was a faulty 3 way splitter .Electricians are licenced to install communication equipment but not necessarily experienced.

TV Antenna Repair Mindarie

upgrade aerial clarkson

ocean side mindarie needs really good antenna equipment installed to be able to pick up free to air stations for up to 15-20 years other wise equipment will rust out with in two years. Myantennas has all the best equipment for ocean side establishments .

Kingsley Antenna Repair

relocate tv aerial woodvale

Adding a double story to a house may require removing existing structures like the tv antenna in this photo.the 20 year old tv antenna was replaced for a new digital tv hills antenna

Television Antenna Repair City Beach

upgrade aerial wembley

Existing tv antenna was only picking up one tv station.the appearance of the existing antenna was rusted and the frequency collectors that are called elements were all out of line.replacement was made with a new hills antenna.all stations came back with 100 percent reception on all free to air channels.

TV Antenna Kingsley

replace aerial woodvale

replaced an old aerial this morning with a new 3 way splitter .the new digital antenna is rust proof silver plated and robust great aerial for kingsleys wildlife

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